R128 Exchangeable LED Bulb Module

Automotive lighting ECE R128 Standardized LED Solutions

R128 LED automotive light source module is the key to the scale of automotive LEDs. Edison-Litek provides standardized LED modules that comply with ECE regulations, a consistent regulatory platform, and 5 different functional indicators, which can be widely used in all automotive lighting , which greatly reduces the cost and time of customized design modules. The standardized design of R128 LED automotive light source module, replacement and installation is quick and convenient, and the design process of automotive lighting is simplified, which greatly reduces the overall automotive manufacturing cost and is the future development trend.


ECE Standardized (R128)

Three Different Light Versions

Reliable Quality To Shorten Development Process

Reduce Manufacture Cost Of Vehicle Lamp

Fits Different Kinds Of Optical Structure Like Reflector
And Light Guide

Suit For All Important Signal
Applications In Vehicles

Simple Replacements
Easy And Effient In Assembly

In the past, due to the vigorous development of customized design modules for car lights, the supply chain was quite complicated, and assembly also consumed a lot of manpower and material costs.
Edison-Litek R128 LED automotive light source module series, so that the light source can be directly and easily replaced, no need to disassemble the whole lamp, that is, complete assembly or maintenance, speed up the process and reduce costs. The R128 LED vehicle light source module has a long life and a small use space, which helps to minimize the space in the circuit and structure design.
The R128 LED automotive light source module series is the best choice in terms of cost, space, time, manpower, and quality from car light manufacturers, car manufacturers to consumers.







Light Guide

Light Guide

FunctionFront Fog Turn SignalStop /Tail /Rear FogStop Lamp/TailDRL/Back
LED Samsung/Edison Samsung/EdisonEdisonEdison Samsung/Edison
Operation Temperature-40 ~ 85°C-40 ~ 85°C-40 ~ 85°C-40 ~ 85°C-40 ~ 85°C